Silvo Sparking Wine Brut Naure on lees (sur lie) is obtained from the vinification of grapes coming from resistant varieties. The basic wine is Souvignier Gris enriched with grape juice as only source of sugar for the refermentation

The Souvignier Gris has a marked acidity with floral and fruity scents,
the grape juice add for the refermentation gives to the sparkling wine
an high aromaticity and surprising freshness.
The minimum processing makes this 100% natural product from the vineyard
to the bottle. The 0.5lt format is an excellent solution for an intimate aperitif.
Suitable both for an aperitif or with hors d'oeuvres or to sip with a slice of
pineapple on cool summer days.

Serving temperature 3-4 ° C

Product features:
Variety of grapes: Souvignier gris and other resistant varieties
Vineyard of origin:
name: Ischiello
exposition: Sud - Est
altitude: 238 m.s.l.m.
surface: 6.000 mq
plants/ha 6000 ceppi/ha
planting distances: 4,00x 0,40 mt
Vine breeding: double arms structure (pergola doppia Trentina)
Year of planting: 2010
Soil: silt/sandy
Yield per hectare: 80-100 q
Harvest: 2018
Winemaking: Soft pressing of whole grapes
- aging first part: inox steel and fermentation
- aging second part: add gto the win the grape juice as starting for the
Alcohol: 12% vol
Organoleptic exsamination: tropiacl sensation
Note and projects:Organic wine with vegan certification, very low content of sulphites,
corona closure, grapes without threatment (PIWI)