Aromatta resitant varieties couvèe, is a white wine with an aromatic scent, for the production are limited to
maximum anti-parasitic treatments.
The treatments are based on sulfur and copper (organic) and do not exceed
three times.

The vineyard has its roots in a silt-sandy soil rich in minerals and nutrients.

The management of the vineyard is biological (organic), without the use of
herbicides and of any type of pesticide on the foliage. The wine is very fragrant to the nose with hints of passion and citrus and
on the palate it is discovered a good acidity and a particular aromatic complexity. Perfectly combined with tasty appetizers but also perfect as an aperitif, the real
surprise is the excellent combination with white asparagus of Zambana for
its good flavor, minerality and a delicate but pungent aroma.
Serving temperature 8 - 10 ° C.

Product features:

Variety: blend of resistant varieties
Vineyard of origin:
name: Ischiello
South-East exposure altitude 238 m.s.l.m.
surface area 2,000 square meters strains / has 6000 vines / ha
sixth plant 4.00 x 0.40
Breeding: Double arms structure (pergola Trentina)
Year of planting: 2010
Soil: Limo- sandy
Yield per hectare: 80-100 q / ha
Harvest: 2020
Winemaking: Soft pressing of whole grapes
Aging first part: Steel
Aging second part: Bottle
Alcohol: 12 °
Organoleptic exsamnation: Fruity, complex (soft with structure), aromatic, sapid and very balanced
Various notes and projects: Organic wine with vegan certification, very low content of sulphites, screw cap bottle.

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