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Autochtona 2020 - Raetica Nosiola
Rætica Nosiola

Rætica Nosiola

We're glad to present our first vinification of Nosiola, our native white vine .
Raetica is indicated by Plinio il Vecchio, and other Greek-Roman authors, as one of the most widespread white grape vines in the "Raetia", an ancient province of the Roman empire that ranged from Switzerland, Austria and Northern Italy .

Already mentioned by Catone (234-149 BC), it is not easy to define today which modern vine is descending, less documented, but present in the local culture, it is the conviction of a direct descent of Nosiola and Groppello di Revò dall'Uva Raetica.

"Raetica Nosiola" is born on the hills of Pressano from abandoned vineyards restored and planted in Nosiola, selected by plants of 120 years free foot.

Product features:

Variety of grapes: Nosiola IGT VdD
Wineyard of origin:
name: loc. Frate Lavis
exposition Sud-Est
altitude 380 m.s.l.m.
surface 3500 mq
plants/ha 5500 ceppi/ha
planting distances 2.70x 0.8

Vine breeding: simple arm structure and gujot
Year of planting: 2016
Soil: sandy/silt (Pressano)
Yield per hectare: 80-100 q/ha
Harvest: 2019
Winemaking: short skin contact for fermentation process (5-6 days) Pressing grapes
Aging first part: Acacia barriques half and the other part steel tank
Aging second part: Bottle 8 months
Alcohol: 11°

Organoleptic exsamination: well balance in minerality and salty sensations, smell of fire stone, nuts.

Note and projects: organic wine with vegan certification, low solfites level, stelvin closure.

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Autochtona 2020 - Raetica Nosiola


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