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Two medals in the competition INTERNATIONAL PIWI WINE AWARD

With a great satisfaction we share the result obtained at the international PIWI WINE AWARD 2022 competition for Aromatta piwi cuvee 2021 and Candido Spumante classic method 2019.

Aromatta has been obtaining important awards for years, with this year we are in the 5th year in a row that it is entered in the competition and has always obtained recognition.
In particular:

-2021 gold medal
-2020 gold medal
-2019 gold medal
-2018 gold medal

This year he got silver medal with 87 Par Points!

The real novelty and pleasant surprise comes from Candido, our new classic method sparkling wine from souvigner gris, who participated for the first time in the competition, obtaining 95 par points and a gold medal, reaching the super gold by one point.

--> link to the website with Italian results